GASP Education is the world leader in delivering e-learning projects that combine games and sport.

The GASP team has specified, developed and managed projects that have engaged and motivated millions of people in education and sport through digital media.

What we do

We work with some of the biggest names in world sport (as well as a few slightly smaller ones!) to help them create a digital presence that serves a specific educational purpose to a target audience using the latest appropriate social gaming and entertainment mechanics to give the product genuine mass appeal.

Putting this alongside the natural appeal of the sport means we ensure millions of users see the sport in the best possible light. We are very proud to have helped millions of children and adults from over 50 different countries learn about and through football, tennis, rugby, cricket and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.



Developed the first social gaming site for the Mexican Premier League. Launched December 2016.

“We could not have hoped for anything more than what GASP have delivered – outstanding!”
– Erich Meyer, CEO StarCards


Developed UEFA’s first e-learning course for coaches and Grassroots resources for children.

“These resources have made a huge impact in spreading the word about UEFA’s Grassroots programme and have helped shape our ongoing digital strategy in this area.”
– Andy Pattison, UEFA Grassroots Project Manager

Premier League Football Clubs

Developed first massive multiplayer online game that linked football to education. Millions of children and 10,000s of schools from all over the world engaged with their clubs in a brand new way.

“Inspiring and brilliant! We engaged with tens of thousands of families from all over the world in a way we could never have imagined – not only created a way of getting new fans but also getting our younger fans even more committed!”
– Ian Ayre, CEO Liverpool FC

London 2012, The Olympic and Paralympic Games

Developed digital resources for Get Set, the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Education Programme ever.

“Created resources that engaged, motivated and excited children and teachers from all over the world – brilliant!”
– Jon Rye, London 2012 Get Set Project Manager

Premiership Rugby and the Rugby Football Union

Developed resources to help children learn about rugby and the Rugby World Cup. The most successful education programme for an overseas World Cup ever.

“These resources have engaged more children and schools that we ever could have hoped for.”
– Wayne Morris, Community and Corporate Responsibility Director, Premiership Rugby /


Developed cricket’s first social gaming site for the Twenty20 World Cup.

“As well as inspiring many thousands of children to gain life-enhancing knowledge through their love of cricket, it opened our eyes to what social gaming can do and the millions of fans it can attract.”
– Haroon Lorgat, ICC Chief Executive


About us

We work on a maximum of two projects at any one time and bring together the perfect team for each project as, in our experience, each project needs a very specific set of skills and knowledge.

We have always delivered our projects on time and never gone over budget. Every project we have been involved in has hit its engagement targets be it user numbers, session length or a combination of the two.

Due to the way we work and what we do, we can call on the best people, wherever they may be in the world to help bring you the best possible solution. People love our projects and love working for us.